Don’t take my advice

Recently a friend of mine tried to convince me to eat bread made from spelt instead of wheat, because spelt bread is much healthier. I told him that I decided not to take his advice for three reasons: Continue Reading →

Puzzled by furniture

That all these shoes are scattered on the floor like this, means that the inhabitants of this apartment don’t own the piece of furniture that has always puzzled me: the shoe cabinet. Continue Reading →

Too Romantic

Every time I leave Amsterdam to pay a visit to the sticks, I have this imagination. As if in the sticks there is something authentic and genuine to be experienced. When I go abroad I suffer from the same imagination. There isn’t anything interesting abroad or wherever. Continue Reading →


Bob Ross in front of a painting. That’s real. We will call that level one, the starting point of all experience. Continue Reading →

Stirred imagination

A harelip is a congenital malformation that leaves a fissure between the roof of the mouth and the nasal cavity. In the Western world we hardly ever see harelips these days, because they are corrected at a young age. But many people in poorer countries don’t have any money for such an operation. Continue Reading →