On the road again

After five days in King Williamstown my partner’s work was done and we had to leave for the next stop, Plettenberg Bay, about 500 km’s west.

A piece of soap

Ten years ago, at the very last day of our stay in South Africa then before flying back home, we were mugged in downtown Johannesburg. Because money and driving licence was stolen we had to visit the nearest police station at John Vorster Square to have a report made.

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Gender neutral

Skin colour still is a problem in South Africa but they seem to be ahead of Europeans for as far as the mix of gender concerns.

Basic African design

The Ciskei people did not seem to care much about their environment. Trash was dumped all over, but the inside of their houses was well taken care of.

KWT, S.A. 2017

At the end of day one we made a stop at supermarket Pick ‘n Pay getting our groceries for tonight’s dinner.

King Williamstown S.A.

A punch knife in the glove factory. I don’t even know if the factory has a Facebook page

At the glove factory in King Williamstown, S.A.

Next to office where my partner Linnemore was active spreading her knowledge there was a glove factory. I was welcome to move around freely and take as many pictures as desired. This metal ‘thing’ was hot, if not to say bloody hot I notice, to iron the newly made gloves.

Kasi township

At the entrance of township Kasi near King Williamstown. 100 South African Rand at this time equals € 7,–

King Williamstown, South Africa (2017)

Since we only had five days in KWT I asked our contacts if they knew of someone who could accompany me on my photo safari in the hope that this person would get me directly to places I would not easily find being on my own. I was brought in contact with ‘T-man’, a young artist who would probably understand what I was after.

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The east cape, South Africa 2017

It has been ten years since my Cape Town, South Africa born partner and I travelled South Africa for the last time. Time to go there for another visit. Continue Reading →

Ducks in London

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with someone from London. While we talked I suddenly started to hear ducks in the background.
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Be what people say you are

Often people try to compare themselves and others with animals. According to my girlfriend for example, I am a beluga whale. I at first was not familiar with the beluga whale, but since seeing some pictures, I completely agree. The resemblance is uncanny.
      But more interesting I think it gets when you compare people with objects. I found that out on a Brussels’ terrace last summer when I compared a friend of mine with a pallet. A comparison that the other people at the table – to my own surprise – wholeheartedly agreed with.
      I also found out then that you have to be careful when making comparisons with objects. When I compared another friend with a flypaper, she did not seem to like that. Apparently flypaper is anything but a compliment.

Since last weekend I also know what kind of object I myself can be compared with. While I was waiting on the train station of Antwerp a man came standing next to me who was on the phone with a friend. That friend was also somewhere in the station but they had trouble finding each other. In an attempt to accurately describe where he was, he suddenly noticed me.
      “I’m standing next to a man with red hair.” He said.
      It took his friend another three minutes to find us. Just at the moment my train rolled in the station. I actually wanted to use those three minutes to get a coffee, but I decided to stay put. Because it’s sometimes better to be what people think you are. And in my case that is apparently a meeting point.

Photo: Lev Ilizirov

An empty toolbox

When I’m building something in my studio I’m always a bit careless with my tools. Whenever I’m done with a particular tool, I leave it on the floor next to me. Only seldom do I put the tools back where they belong. Continue Reading →

Tile Tax

These days there  seem to be a higher degree of biodiversity in the city than in rural areas. The bee population in the city is in good shape. There are grants for façade gardens. People throw seed bombs in the verges along the highway. Flat roofs are planted with mosses and succulents.

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Pièce de résistance

In 2013 Lev and me built these stairs. We renovated and built a lot of things in his house, but these stairs are the pièce de résistance. Continue Reading →

Immediate proof

When my girlfriend saw me do the dishes for the first time she was horrified. Because I wash the dishes like most Dutch people do. I scrub them with a sponge in a tub of hot soapy water. And then I dry them off with a towel. Without ever rinsing them. Continue Reading →

Eight pens

A lot of people make doodles when they’re waiting for something. My father for example is an excellent doodler. He has a notepad next to his phone that he tells me is for writing down appointments. In reality however it’s full of silly drawings. Continue Reading →