Wireless in the park

Downtown in Company’s Garden. Some people prefer paper reading.

Shark watching

…from Muizenberg over False Bay. As soon as a shark is spotted the flag at the beach will be raised.

What’s new?

The newspaper headings have not been changed much since our last visit to Cape Town.

Blikkie town

Just before landing we fly over the township Khayelitsha

% vs †

In S.A. one is either alcoholic or in Jesus.

In the Plett’s five and dime

Trays, in consideration to buy and use as photo frames.

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

After a rather comfortable drive of about 500 km in a car with driver we arrived in Plettenberg Bay for the 2nd part of our S.A. ‘working’journey. ‘Plett’ as it is been called by the locals is surfer’s paradise. Not exactly my cup of tea but fringe phenomena are always willing to appear on my path.

On the road again

After five days in King Williamstown my partner’s work was done and we had to leave for the next stop, Plettenberg Bay, about 500 km’s west.

A piece of soap

Ten years ago, at the very last day of our stay in South Africa then before flying back home, we were mugged in downtown Johannesburg. Because money and driving licence was stolen we had to visit the nearest police station at John Vorster Square to have a report made.

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Gender neutral

Skin colour still is a problem in South Africa but they seem to be ahead of Europeans for as far as the mix of gender concerns.

Basic African design

The Ciskei people did not seem to care much about their environment. Trash was dumped all over, but the inside of their houses was well taken care of.