Ducks in London

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with someone from London. While we talked I suddenly started to hear ducks in the background.
      “Are you outside?” I asked her surprised. In the end it was still February and I am familiar with the harsh winters in London. Continue Reading →

An empty toolbox

When I’m building something in my studio I’m always a bit careless with my tools. Whenever I’m done with a particular tool, I leave it on the floor next to me. Only seldom do I put the tools back where they belong. Continue Reading →

Pièce de résistance

In 2013 Lev and me built these stairs. We renovated and built a lot of things in his house, but these stairs are the pièce de résistance. Continue Reading →

Immediate proof

When my girlfriend saw me do the dishes for the first time she was horrified. Because I wash the dishes like most Dutch people do. I scrub them with a sponge in a tub of hot soapy water. And then I dry them off with a towel. Without ever rinsing them. Continue Reading →

A wheelbarrow in Paris

Most people I know don’t own a car. As long as you live in a city that doesn’t have to be a problem. In most cities there are a lot of alternatives. You can take your bike, a tram, a bus or a metro.
      It gets more difficult however when you have to transport things. Continue Reading →

Eight pens

A lot of people make doodles when they’re waiting for something. My father for example is an excellent doodler. He has a notepad next to his phone that he tells me is for writing down appointments. In reality however it’s full of silly drawings. Continue Reading →

A hundred reasons

When I was little and it was the night before my birthday, I would always go to bed early. Because I figured that the sooner I would go to sleep, the sooner it would be tomorrow. Continue Reading →

What to do when you lack certain skills

The man on this picture uses his right hand to feed his child, while he uses his left hand to steer a boat.
      This man is multitasking. Continue Reading →

A large forehead

A while ago I was waiting in front of a traffic light with my bike when a young woman stopped next to me. She was on the phone with a friend and she was talking about a date she’d had the night before.
      “He was really nice.” I heard her say. “I really had the feeling we hit it off. Until he suddenly told me that I had a very large forehead.” Continue Reading →

A life of luxury

These are apparently things that Lev doesn’t really need. They are situated in the back of the top shelf in his kitchen. They were so far in the back, that Lev had to make a picture to be able to see what was actually down there. Continue Reading →

Baking powder

If Lev sends me a picture he always does that with a very short and straightforward description. He for example once described a picture with a table covered with sugar as “sugar”. And this picture of a collection of fake plastic vegetables he accompanied with the caption: “fake plastic vegetables.” Continue Reading →

Knowing Lev

There are very few certainties in life. Last year I wrote on this website that the only true certainty I found in life is that when you make pancakes, the first one always fails. But recently I came up with a second certainty. And that is that my parents will never ever surprise me. Continue Reading →

A lesson in impoliteness

A year ago, my girlfriend and me were traveling to the suburbs of Paris to buy a pair of second hand Nike Air Max. The woman who was selling them was waiting for us at a certain subway station. Continue Reading →

How to accomplish things

Last year I went wall climbing with my girlfriend. Whereas she had no problem scaling the walls, for me it proved much more difficult. When I was halfway a certain wall and I again found myself completely out of breath, I decided to call it a day. My girlfriend however refused to let me down. Continue Reading →

Getting rid of things

On one hand this car has been parked in an excellent way. I’m familiar with the narrow parking garages in Paris and I know how difficult it is to park your car in between another car and a wall. Especially when your car is a BMW of considerable size. Continue Reading →


If I had to describe the emotional state of this man, I would say that he is extremely relaxed. And why shouldn’t he? He found a place to sit on Gare du Nord in Paris (which is not an easy feat to accomplish) and the sun is shining on his face. Continue Reading →

Paved ways

The spilled sugar on this table could have been caused by carelessness. By clumsiness. Or maybe just by bad luck. Continue Reading →

When things come to an end

Last year I already wrote about an earlier picture of this same fence in another post: Or Beautiful. I especially was impressed by the fact that the owner of this fence kept adding new suitcases. “Often people do something, but only rarely people keep up with something.” I wrote at the time. Continue Reading →

Energetic people

There are people who cannot sit still. When you leave them alone for a few minutes and you come back, suddenly a lot of things have changed or have happened. Continue Reading →

Snickers Ice Cream

A friend of mine recently reacted very jealous when I told him I never watched his favorite TV-series House of Cards. “You still have so much to look forward to.” He told me. As if he’d lived a very empty and meaningless life ever since the series ended. Continue Reading →