When things come to an end

Last year I already wrote about an earlier picture of this same fence in another post: Or Beautiful. I especially was impressed by the fact that the owner of this fence kept adding new suitcases. “Often people do something, but only rarely people keep up with something.” I wrote at the time. Continue Reading →

Being pretty radical

Sometimes you are full of enthusiasm. It doesn’t happen to me very often, but once in a while I can’t wait to start something, or to go somewhere. Continue Reading →

Things that you should keep for yourself

If you watch carefully, you can see me among this group of people. I’m walking somewhat in the front of the group, wearing a grey T-shirt. Continue Reading →

You’d better deserve it

The last couple of months I’ve asked a lot of people what their plans were for the holidays. And that’s new, because normally I never do that. Continue Reading →

Uncle Feiko

In this picture you can see me holding the son of two friends of mine. Because both these friends are only child and their son therefor has no aunts or uncles, I have been unofficially named his uncle. Continue Reading →

A new washing machine

On the first three of these four pictures you can see me after being successful. Namely, being successful in cutting three perfect slices from a self-baked bread. Continue Reading →