It all began with the columns of Hans Aarsman and Wei Na on PhotoQ. They had something in common, although the authors come from quite different places. Then we started to dream of an English site. More international in spirit and in approach. Based upon what we Dutch are good at: seeing things for what they are. Writer Nescio (1882-1961), painter Pieter Jansz. Saenredam (1597-1665), photographer Jacob Olie (1834-1905), documentary film director Jos de Putter (1959), photographer Rineke Dijkstra (1959).

Is this way of looking exclusively Dutch? Of course not. Happily enough we meet people with clear views all over the world. Time to share!

Hans Aarsman, writer and photographer
Feiko Beckers, artist
Wei Na, artist
Don Sars, photographer and writer
Claudia Sola, artist
Lino Hellings, artist and sociologist
André Thijssen, photographer
Edie Peters, journalist and webmaster