King Williamstown, South Africa (2017)

Posted on April 14, 2017 by André Thijssen

Since we only had five days in KWT I asked our contacts if they knew of someone who could accompany me on my photo safari in the hope that this person would get me directly to places I would not easily find being on my own. I was brought in contact with ‘T-man’, a young artist who would probably understand what I was after.

The common used language in this area is xhosa but T-man also spoke english although I really had to concentrate to understand him. On the way I met several of his friends who were all greeted with ‘artist!’ I found it odd and amusing that T-man mainly seemed to know all the ‘artists’ in this hole in the middle of nothing.  On our way to the nearest township ‘Kasi’ I saw this curled up poster at a lamp post and asked T-man to straighten it for this picture. I did not further informed about this ‘mystery’ since the power of these phenomena is never in the clarification.

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