Pièce de résistance

Posted on October 17, 2016 by Feiko Beckers

In 2013 Lev and me built these stairs. We renovated and built a lot of things in his house, but these stairs are the pièce de résistance.
      I have very fond memories about building these stairs. Some people will reminisce about a holiday or about a day at the beach, but I like to reminisce about these stairs. From the moment we bought the wood in a store in the south of Paris to the moment we installed the stairs into its final position.
      When I’m over at Lev’s house and I go up the stairs I always think by myself: “I made these stairs.” And then I feel an immense happiness come over me. Even if I run up the stairs because I urgently have to go to the toilet, I stop and think about it.

I know it’s nice to share memories with others. Especially when they’re fond memories. But in this case I hope that Lev does not share these feelings with me. Because Lev actually lives in that house. He must go up an down up those stairs 10 to 20 times a day. And if he would get nostalgic every time he takes those stairs, then his days would be far less productive.

Photo: Lev Ilizirov

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