A life of luxury

Posted on July 19, 2016 by Feiko Beckers

These are apparently things that Lev doesn’t really need. They are situated in the back of the top shelf in his kitchen. They were so far in the back, that Lev had to make a picture to be able to see what was actually down there.
      He probably wasn’t shocked when he saw the picture. To me it seem to be very typical things that you can find in the back of kitchen cabinets.

I don’t have to make a picture to find out what’s at the back of my top shelf. Because I know exactly what’s down there. And I also know it’s not very typical.
      Because two years ago my girlfriend told me that she doesn’t necessarily needs to be rich. When I insisted, she admitted that maybe she wants to get rich enough so she can breakfast with oysters every day. When three weeks later I saw an electric oyster knife at a flea market, I bought it for her. “A first step towards our life of luxury.” I called it when I gave it to her.
      Ever since the device has been lying at the back of our top shelf. We haven’t used it yet. But believe me, I’m working on it.

Photo: Lev Ilizirov

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