One Week

Posted on May 31, 2016 by Feiko Beckers

On the 21st of May the first Museum Night in the history of Moengo took place. After a performance by the 4 Messengers and a screening by Basta Digital, I showed One Week, a slapstick film by my favorite filmmaker of all time, Buster Keaton. In this film Keaton does a rather unsuccessful attempt to build a house. On this picture the film is nearing its most climactic scene in which the house is destroyed by a passing train.
      Although the film is nearly 100 years old, the audience laughed very hard about the jokes and stunts of Keaton. So much that it moved me.

The weekend before that, the Kibii Wi Koni Research Center was opened in Moengo. In this center the culture of the Maroon will be both researched and documented. It’s a very good and important initiative, because this culture is rapidly disappearing.
      But after showing One Week I realized that there’s one thing that I don’t need the research center for. And that’s to know what people found funny back then. Because that’s the same everywhere.
      Because if 200 years ago, in a small Maroon village, hidden in the middle of the forest, a man fell off his chair, his fellow villagers had to laugh. I’m sure of it. That doesn’t require any further investigation

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