Overturned cars

Posted on April 11, 2016 by Feiko Beckers

These are the front pages of the Times of Suriname on two consecutive days. Nevertheless they look very alike. That’s of course because of the two similar photographs. Photographs that not only show two single car accidents, but also accidents where both cars were turned upside down.
      Judging from these two front pages, one could come to the conclusion that this kind of accidents must be rife in Suriname. And that the road in Suriname is a very dangerous place to be. But I know that not to be true.

Because on the way from Zanderij Airport to Paramaribo, I saw an overturned car myself. My taxi driver was in shock when he saw it.
      “Look at that!” he gasped in horror and he slowed down the car to see if someone was injured. Luckily that did not seem to be the case.
      That’s why I know that these kind of accidents are rare in Suriname. Because if they indeed occur all the time, would the taxi driver have reacted with the same kind of shock? Probably not.

During that same taxi ride I also found out something else that kind of relieved me. Because just as in the Netherlands, France and Belgium, also in Suriname I don’t seem to be able to make small talk with a taxi driver.

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