Who is the boss?

Posted on February 26, 2015 by Lino Hellings

It triggers my imagination to see these two means of transport chained together. ‘Granny aboard’, this text can be read on the rear window of this little white car for handicapped, the Canta LX. There is a yellow lock on the steering wheel of the car. The Honda motorbike  covered in camouflage colors, looks tough.

But why are the Honda Motorbike and the Canta chained together? Is it couple that loves to tour together despite the fact that one of the two is handicapped?  Must be easier ways to do that. The Canta doesn’t require any driving license as the maximum speed is 45 km, a speed with which you almost fall over riding a motorbike. Maybe it are two hipsters using these ways of transport to move around in a busy city. More and more people who are not handicapped prefer the little car above a bicycle, a car or public transport. It has become almost fashionable. Another possibility is that the car is no more then a way to park and lock the motorbike alongside the canal.

I’ll try to find out. One of these days.

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