Posted on October 9, 2011 by Hans Aarsman

Bob Ross in front of a painting. That’s real. We will call that level one, the starting point of all experience.
Then a film recording of Bob in front of a the same painting, that’s level two. The recording broadcasted on television, level three. A photo of that, level four. Exactly the moment Bob Ross says his famous line: If you’re going to try this send me a picture of the result, please. You don’t hear Bobs voice, you only see the words. That’s level five.
A giddy depth consisting of five visual levels. At the end my favorite nightcap: Bob Ross. No quicker way to fall asleep than having him talk about painting.
At the end of his programme Bob always asks his pupils to send him pictures of their paintings. How many times have I witnessed that moment? Never I imagined the five level sensation a photograph of it could yield. This is proof, I am not a photographer anymore. I lost the edge.

Photo Hans Samsom