Posted on September 19, 2010 by Hans Aarsman

Six Mercedes 190s, each one the color of cream that has been whipped too long. Are they six different cars? There’s nothing that distinguishes one from the other. The simplest explanation: it’s the car of the photographer, who took a snapshot whenever she got out. Another possibility: they are taxis. All the taxis in Germany are cream colored. Supporting evidence: the photographer is German, as are the backdrops, so far as I can tell.
On the edge of the roof between the doors there’s a little clamp. The ‘taxi’ sign is attached to it when the taxi is in service. So that’s solved. Now why do I like looking at these photos so much? Because in the big chaos outside they point to something: the family of cream colored Mercedes 190s, snapped as if for a family album.

Photos: Carolin Reichert

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