The world is as you are

“You’re so right.”
“I’m glad you agree. Do you know what I mean? The sky, it opened, like, it opened. Do you know what I mean?”
“Sure.” Continue Reading →

The right moment to close the books and hit the bottom

In this photo Stevens with his assistant just ran into his garden and walked in front of his big painting during a sudden downpour. Continue Reading →

I understand

People see many strangers during the day. Very quickly they judge them, make an estimation. Is this guy in front of me mad? What ugly shoes that woman is wearing.
I should never put a ring like that through my nose. Why is this man looking so arrogant? Continue Reading →

I know I don’t need to worry

I kept asking young couples questions on the streets, and I wished to discover something behind the surface for months. Continue Reading →

One more extra world

It is already a bit long I don’t write stuff to show my world. I wonder what is nice to show and what is not, though I had never doubted about this. To be aware what I write might be reflecting a world that the local readers might be hard to imagine, though it is common in the world around me now. How could I build this bridge? What is value of my contribution?

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Sitting in a coach

It’s a bright green sign, six meters high and eighteen meters across, simple in design, advertised to motorists and passengers a photograph of two hot chili peppers. Continue Reading →

A shop window

I never noticed the back of a cab chair. Continue Reading →

There is a painful contrast

My notebooks grew thick during the time, with things that I saw and heard of loss, desire and expectation. Continue Reading →

A field

A field somewhere outside a town. For a few million years, it slept under a blanket of ice. Continue Reading →

Ways of life

I became interested in psychology and one day I found myself heading out for an island, where twenty thousand people live.  Continue Reading →

3000 Steps

After awaking early in the morning, I went out to the beach as usual. Continue Reading →

Beautiful and ugly

Looking around, it seems like the school buildings took only six month to build and still do not quite belong to this city. Continue Reading →

As a beginner

I lacked the energy, bored and uncomfortable in the instructional car increasingly hot plastic interior. Continue Reading →

My journey

What I typically understand by a good journey, I have longed for my plane to be delayed, so that I might be forced to spend a bit more time at the airport. Continue Reading →

On moving

“Where would you like to see during these last days in Holland?”
My friend asked. Continue Reading →

Everything is changing

Meet W, Wed. 3:15pm, in front of the Foam
– Sorry, 10 minutes late! Continue Reading →

Nothing to worry about

A few days ago, I helped my friend to take care of her son.
There was no work to be done. Continue Reading →

Doing nothing

Entering the carriage feels like interrupting a congregation. A middle-aged man is loudly talking in front of his laptop, an elderly woman next to him is chatting on the phone. Continue Reading →

Without forgetting

“…You forgot to close the fridge last night… see…my melted ice cream…never again! …” Continue Reading →

The best comfort

“I just brought a new camera for my holiday. I will show you the pictures when I’m back.” My friend happily said on the phone. Continue Reading →