Café Mondriaan in Toledo, Ohio, USA

No slave ship

@ClassicPics tweeted this picture, its caption: ‘Packed slave merchant ship, mid-1800’s.’ A slave ship, mid 1800’s? Continue Reading →

Louis van Gaal’s penthouse in Amsterdam is for rent. With upholstery and all.  Continue Reading →

Painfully longing


Just to prevent myself from working during dinner, I started to watch episodes of old television series, the plate in front of my keyboard. That’s how I came across Bonanza, the famous cowboy series from the sixties and the seventies. Continue Reading →

Curious or Shrewd


In the Photoq Bookshop I came across a book with the title: The Heineken’s Photographic Collection. Does Heineken’s brewery collect photography? I picked up the book expecting yet another predictable line-up of slick international art photography. Continue Reading →


These ain’t interiors of big villas, no they ain’t.
I’ve copied them from a 3 kilo book on the tragedy of people who have more money than they need. Continue Reading →

Born to the manor

Miss Mulder has passed away. For years she lived right under me. She stayed on her own, all her life. Every time her legs would slip away under her she let out a yell. Continue Reading →

School meals all over the world

Martha Payne is a nine year old girl taking her dad’s camera to primary school everyday. Continue Reading →

Clever Bridge

Looking for pictures of bridges in the archives of The Tropenmuseum Amsterdam I came across this bamboo construction in Blitar, East Java. The photograph is taken in 1915, during the Dutch colonial ruling of Indonesia. Continue Reading →

15 x 23 cm Universe

I don’t know what is happening to me: again I am buying photography!
Two months ago I bought Mishka Henner’s ‘Astronomical’, a giant set of more than 3000 photographs representing the solar system. Continue Reading →

Too Romantic

Every time I leave Amsterdam to pay a visit to the sticks, I have this imagination. As if in the sticks there is something authentic and genuine to be experienced. When I go abroad I suffer from the same imagination. There isn’t anything interesting abroad or wherever. Continue Reading →


The bookshelf  on the right contains twelve 506 page volumes, representing a scale model of our solar system from the Sun to Pluto. You are looking at Claudia Sola, one of Fieldeye’s contributors. Continue Reading →


In 1967, in the Hoepla show for the first time a nude lady on Dutch television. Phil Bloom was her name.
Would anybody ask me: 
‘What were you doing when Phil Bloom appeared naked on television?’ Continue Reading →

Vernacular Love Affair

Finally the relationship between photography and painting is turned around. After all the photography that looks like painting, for the first time a painting that looks like a photograph. ‘Uncle Theo’ this small panel is called. Continue Reading →

Death in the lodging house

In 1937 a book was published with the look of a photo novel: Photocrimes.
On every double page you were presented with a criminal case and asked to point out the wrongdoer. A couple of small images, text written under it, that was the only information you got. Continue Reading →

Holmes and Winogrand

I have a piece of paper with Garry Winogrand quotes. I copied them through the years from various sources. I don’t know what I love more, Winogrand’s lines or his pics. Inseparable of course, like form and content. This is my all time favorite: Continue Reading →

Occupy’s Cries (307)

One month of signs protesting against the banking system.
Starting form 16 October 2011 until 16 November 2011.
An average of 10 a day.


Bob Ross in front of a painting. That’s real. We will call that level one, the starting point of all experience. Continue Reading →


In 1971 a South Vietnamese helicopter was shot down above Laos. On board Larry Burrows, photographer for Life. Not even Eugene Smith managed to catch the desperation on the faces of both aggressors and victims the way Larry Burrows could.
In the crash Burrows burned to death, no remains to be found. 27 years later this Leica was dug up at the crash site. The serial number indicates it belonged to Larry Burrows. That’s what gives classic 35mm camera’s  soul in comparison to the modern digital ones, some manage to survive you.

Photo Ronen Zilberman / AP Photo

Dirty tricks

There is the wedding-picture-trick: the groom seems to carry a miniature bride in his hand, the bride stands in the background on a hill. Continue Reading →