Dirty tricks

There is the wedding-picture-trick: the groom seems to carry a miniature bride in his hand, the bride stands in the background on a hill. Continue Reading →

Here and now

Is it a painting? The frame is painterly, the subject too, a 17th century still life. 
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Ah, photography!

In a traffic jam I spend some time behind this truck.
Isn’t that a big truck for such a small roll of metal?

If it’s the last delivery, you’d expect the roll in the back, not at the doors. Or is the credit crisis to blame? The roll is the only cargo this transport company gets to deliver today. Load and leave it at the door, less fuzz to take it out. Shouldn’t the driver close the doors then? You don’t attract business by showing you don’t have business.
The truck started to drive, I changed lane after which the front of the container and the vanishing point of the picture did not match anymore. Ah, photography!