Who is the boss?

It triggers my imagination to see these two means of transport chained together. ‘Granny aboard’, this text can be read on the rear window of this little white car for handicapped, the Canta LX. There is a yellow lock on the steering wheel of the car. The Honda motorbike  covered in camouflage colors, looks tough.

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Hairdo’s and – don’ts

Ramallah – The first thing my uncle and aunt do when they go out to eat or sleep in another hotel than their own, is to pay a visit to the toilets. If these are clean then the hygiene in the kitchen is probably okay and so will be the mattresses. Continue Reading →

Sitting in a coach

It’s a bright green sign, six meters high and eighteen meters across, simple in design, advertised to motorists and passengers a photograph of two hot chili peppers. Continue Reading →

On moving

“Where would you like to see during these last days in Holland?”
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Too Romantic

Every time I leave Amsterdam to pay a visit to the sticks, I have this imagination. As if in the sticks there is something authentic and genuine to be experienced. When I go abroad I suffer from the same imagination. There isn’t anything interesting abroad or wherever. Continue Reading →

On the surface

It was fun to hear the stories from a friend. She talked about her sweet friend traveled to Amsterdam with her first camera for the first time. Continue Reading →

On the boat

Sitting in a tourist boat, with my friends I am traveling through the canals of Amsterdam. Continue Reading →

On the train

I arrived at the Nijmegen railway station, only a few others alighted with me and we walked silently along the platform. Continue Reading →