Sitting in a coach

It’s a bright green sign, six meters high and eighteen meters across, simple in design, advertised to motorists and passengers a photograph of two hot chili peppers. Continue Reading →

As a beginner

I lacked the energy, bored and uncomfortable in the instructional car increasingly hot plastic interior. Continue Reading →

He doesn’t need the camera

“Look… Look!” A strong voice is attracting my attention, while I’m watching the documentary film about 1928 Summer Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Continue Reading →

Wait a minute…

Waiting under a tree, the rain, continued to fall confidently. Continue Reading →

Don’t worry, everything will be fine

I noticed this paper when I sat in the night bus on the way to my home. It made me really think a lot, and may be it is good to write these thoughts down here as well. Continue Reading →

I want

A friend of mine was talking about his job. Continue Reading →

I like shopping

The continuous rain, the confused gusts of wind, dampness… It was a perfect day beneath the bedclothes.
“Let’s go shopping”, my friend suddenly asked me. Continue Reading →

I invite you

“It’s funny”, I said.
“No, it is beautiful, see the color”, my friend said. Continue Reading →

I am rich now

“I will get the key next Wednesday, quite nervous”, my friend was a bit excited. Continue Reading →

What would you like to drink?

“ Great weather! Let’s go to the beach.” I suddenly got a call from my friend. Continue Reading →

Human desire

Gazed with an air of curiosity, my eyes were drawn towards the woman whom sat next to me. Her trembling fingers were rhythmically tearing a piece of gasket; Continue Reading →

When “I” is falling down

Imagine a journey across a street. See the variety of shops and restaurants. Continue Reading →


27.9.2010, 1.10.2010, 1.1.2011, 15.2.2011, I found these photos that I had shot in the same spot. Continue Reading →