Curious or Shrewd


In the Photoq Bookshop I came across a book with the title: The Heineken’s Photographic Collection. Does Heineken’s brewery collect photography? I picked up the book expecting yet another predictable line-up of slick international art photography. Continue Reading →

School meals all over the world

Martha Payne is a nine year old girl taking her dad’s camera to primary school everyday. Continue Reading →

He doesn’t need the camera

“Look… Look!” A strong voice is attracting my attention, while I’m watching the documentary film about 1928 Summer Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Continue Reading →

The first reflection

“Oh…my god…the box! … Almost… lucky…you see… from the ceiling! … Just in front of me!” I was shouting at my friend. Continue Reading →

Vernacular Love Affair

Finally the relationship between photography and painting is turned around. After all the photography that looks like painting, for the first time a painting that looks like a photograph. ‘Uncle Theo’ this small panel is called. Continue Reading →

Death in the lodging house

In 1937 a book was published with the look of a photo novel: Photocrimes.
On every double page you were presented with a criminal case and asked to point out the wrongdoer. A couple of small images, text written under it, that was the only information you got. Continue Reading →

Time is just time

We may meet people who have crossed deserts, floated on icecaps and cut their way through forests, Continue Reading →

“I like the smell of your laundry detergent.”

This photo shows one of the big disadvantages of photography. But at the same time also of film, music and perhaps even visual art. Namely that you can never smell the represented. Continue Reading →