Pictures in toilets

One of my favorite pictures of me as a child, is a picture of me and my brother. It was taken in 1986, just after a day in the zoo. We are clearly a bit exhausted. Maybe it’s because of that exhaustion, but we both look very cute. Continue Reading →

Vernacular Love Affair

Finally the relationship between photography and painting is turned around. After all the photography that looks like painting, for the first time a painting that looks like a photograph. ‘Uncle Theo’ this small panel is called. Continue Reading →


Bob Ross in front of a painting. That’s real. We will call that level one, the starting point of all experience. Continue Reading →

“It’s only the background.”

In his book The Myth of Sisyphus Albert Camus writes that he can understand why the astronomer Galileo Galilei abjured his greatest scientific discovery when it started to endanger his life. According to Camus this discovery is not worth dying for at the stakes. Continue Reading →

Rips & Tears

Rips and tears come in all sizes.
I take a photo every time I discover one in a painting. Continue Reading →

Gagarin 2

The Dutch Bureau for Statistics (CBS) keeps record of the popularity of car colors in the Netherlands. A lot of work. Of new cars the colors have to be registered and added to the already existing distribution of car colors. Cars taken out of circulation have to be registered, in order to have their colors not taken into account.

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Here and now

Is it a painting? The frame is painterly, the subject too, a 17th century still life. 
 Continue Reading →

New Year’s Greetings

For the mortals who – after all the horror stories about curators, gallery owners, jury’s, collectors and starving – still want to be an autonomous photographer, I hope that they can find the force to uphold the following three guidelines: Continue Reading →

Surprising Black&White

Years ago I visited the Prado in Madrid. I spent an hour in front of The Garden Of Delight by Hieronymus Bosch. Just click on the image to enlarge it.
I thought I was looking at three paintings, it’s a triptych. I didn’t know I was actually looking at four paintings until recently I came across this image on the internet: the backside of the triptych, the painting you will  see if the Garden of Delight is closed.

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