Pièce de résistance

In 2013 Lev and me built these stairs. We renovated and built a lot of things in his house, but these stairs are the pièce de résistance. Continue Reading →

In loving memory

“The museum is definitely closed!” it reads on this piece of paper. The closure might be definite, the sign is absolutely not. Continue Reading →

That haircut that was so popular at the time

A while ago I visited a friend of mine in Berlin. As we left his apartment to go out and eat some pizza, he pointed out a mattress to me that lay on the sidewalk in front of his door. Continue Reading →


By December, the winter was entrenched and the city was covered almost every day by a steely grey sky, confused gusts of wind, low temperatures, days of continuous snow, fog… though there were still occasional moments of reprieve, the sky was cloudless and bright, but they were just the false signs…

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“ What a cold day!” the room-mate complained while she was closing the door on the balcony. “ Yes, it is.” I answered and turned around her. She was wearing a long grey coat and black pullover; her black hair, wavy, unruly, pulled straight back on each side from a centre parting beginning at the forehead; She was trying to let her  hands closed to her lips. And her face strangely looked a bit self-conscious…

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It was a short walk from the airplane to the Amsterdam Schiphol airport building, but long enough to feel a revolution in the climate, quite cold and humid, that at home in China would not have occurred in this month. Walking into the main hall four immigration officials sat and gazed with an air of curiosity and unhurried wonder, like a scholar scanning the books in a library. But the line of passengers began to stretch out of the terminal and towards the edge of the airfield. Continue Reading →