Hairdo’s and – don’ts

Ramallah – The first thing my uncle and aunt do when they go out to eat or sleep in another hotel than their own, is to pay a visit to the toilets. If these are clean then the hygiene in the kitchen is probably okay and so will be the mattresses. Continue Reading →

One more extra world

It is already a bit long I don’t write stuff to show my world. I wonder what is nice to show and what is not, though I had never doubted about this. To be aware what I write might be reflecting a world that the local readers might be hard to imagine, though it is common in the world around me now. How could I build this bridge? What is value of my contribution?

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In 1967, in the Hoepla show for the first time a nude lady on Dutch television. Phil Bloom was her name.
Would anybody ask me: 
‘What were you doing when Phil Bloom appeared naked on television?’ Continue Reading →

Death in the lodging house

In 1937 a book was published with the look of a photo novel: Photocrimes.
On every double page you were presented with a criminal case and asked to point out the wrongdoer. A couple of small images, text written under it, that was the only information you got. Continue Reading →

Holmes and Winogrand

I have a piece of paper with Garry Winogrand quotes. I copied them through the years from various sources. I don’t know what I love more, Winogrand’s lines or his pics. Inseparable of course, like form and content. This is my all time favorite: Continue Reading →

They call him Flipper

Flipper was a male dolphin.
Smart, ever so kind and gentle. Continue Reading →


The rear end of the car in the middle is strongly reminiscent of a Mercedes T 300. But the front end is like a Ford Taurus. Continue Reading →


The provocatively dressed lady on the right is Dita von Teese. She wants to follow in the footsteps of the bondage pin-up Betty Page. Continue Reading →


Gawper in the sense of a peeping Tom. From left to right: Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe at the premiere of How to Marry a Millionaire in 1953. Both the ladies acted in the film. Continue Reading →

Missing Person

These two girls were in the Dutch papers. The girl on the left comes from the Chinese countryside and has allowed a plastic surgeon to carve her into the girl on the right. For free. Continue Reading →


The photo in which Lee Miller, the enigmatic war and fashion photographer – just the combination – is captured taking a bath in Hitler’s Munich apartment on May 1st, 1945. Continue Reading →

Wedding night

An age-old folk tradition in Kyrgyzstan that dates from the period when the local satin industry flourished. Continue Reading →

Aunty Marilyn

Is she actually licking the little boy’s fingers clean? That’s us when we were still toddlers and an aunty who has something inexplicably exciting about her comes to visit. What is that man’s hand doing on the banister in the top right corner? That’s us when we’ve reached the age when our fingers are no longer licked clean, uncle’s age. Continue Reading →