Energetic people

There are people who cannot sit still. When you leave them alone for a few minutes and you come back, suddenly a lot of things have changed or have happened. Continue Reading →

Lonely parkgoer

A while ago I wrote about the lonely moviegoer. Now the summer has finally begun, it’s time to write about the lonely parkgoer. Continue Reading →

Lonely moviegoer

Lately I’ve been going the movies on my own a lot. I really enjoy to do that. Continue Reading →


One morning I saw an old lady with a four-wheel handcart was closing her door while I was opening our door. It was my first time to see the neighbor after living for one month in my new house. But it was too fast; even I couldn’t clearly see her face, only a fragile frame. She unwittingly invited me to imagine stories for her, stories of loneliness, loss or mystery… Then I soon noticed that the doormat was still lying there, already solving several questions in my mind at the moment. Continue Reading →