Not to be a nuisance

When you want to build a house on the same lot of land as your old home, you could of course demolish that home. But where then do you live in the meantime? Building a house can sometimes take years in Suriname. What you can also do is build the new house next to the old house. Continue Reading →

A model family

Emptying my parents house after my dad’s death we divided the family albums amongst the three of us. What struck me was that each album had a picture of the Dutch Royal Family on the front cover. Continue Reading →

Louis van Gaal’s penthouse in Amsterdam is for rent. With upholstery and all.  Continue Reading →

Too Romantic

Every time I leave Amsterdam to pay a visit to the sticks, I have this imagination. As if in the sticks there is something authentic and genuine to be experienced. When I go abroad I suffer from the same imagination. There isn’t anything interesting abroad or wherever. Continue Reading →

Speaking house

A few days ago, I visited a new friend. Walking into her house, the first impression was that there was too much color everywhere. Continue Reading →