Questionable barrier tape

I guess there are a lot of people who would question this barrier tape. Because there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the stairs in this Paris subway. Continue Reading →


Yesterday evening I poured a can of Jupiler beer into a glass with the Jupiler logo printed on it, that I had once taken from a bar. Continue Reading →

Beautiful and ugly

Looking around, it seems like the school buildings took only six month to build and still do not quite belong to this city. Continue Reading →

A night at the Bar

In the middle of the night, with my friend I went out from a bar. Continue Reading →

On the train

I arrived at the Nijmegen railway station, only a few others alighted with me and we walked silently along the platform. Continue Reading →

I am rich now

“I will get the key next Wednesday, quite nervous”, my friend was a bit excited. Continue Reading →

I already quit smoking

It was raining heavily outside. Standing in front of the bar with a friend I started chatting.
“The cigarette case is already wet, is it yours?” I asked. Continue Reading →

A contradiction

Riding my bicycle, I just went out from a friend’s house. A black car with a fake leopard-skin seat cushion was passing close to me. I noticed some letters in the central pillar of the car upon which was written in very small print ‘autoservice Nijkerk’. Turning left, the advertisement about ‘Join the music-Radio Decibel’ was still standing at the corner; a shop called ‘ Mini Supermarket’, a bright-colored character which name I didn’t know… Stopping in front of the red traffic light, I noticed a piece of scroll inserted in the small hole of the pillar. I had no thought in my mind, but soon was protested by this view (the one on the left side).

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The rear end of the car in the middle is strongly reminiscent of a Mercedes T 300. But the front end is like a Ford Taurus. Continue Reading →


I smelled tears mixed with the tobacco and air-conditioning while I just sat in front of the table after my work. Then I noticed one of my colleagues looked quite tired and serious. Her expressionless feature and unfeeling eyes suggested that it might be something went wrong for her. She was shifting her gaze between the table and the view.

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