Immediate proof

When my girlfriend saw me do the dishes for the first time she was horrified. Because I wash the dishes like most Dutch people do. I scrub them with a sponge in a tub of hot soapy water. And then I dry them off with a towel. Without ever rinsing them. Continue Reading →

A hundred reasons

When I was little and it was the night before my birthday, I would always go to bed early. Because I figured that the sooner I would go to sleep, the sooner it would be tomorrow. Continue Reading →


Even before I left for Suriname, people warned me: Be careful with your expectations. First it was my friend Steven who did that. He had spent three months in Moengo himself in 2012. After that Marcel Pinas, the founder of Tembe Art Studio, told me the exact same.
      Apparently expectations and Suriname are no great match.

That also became apparent last month when I attended a meeting in the district’s building in Moengo, behind the doors on this picture. There were more than forty chairs set up in the little meeting hall. The organizer of the meeting, Donovan Pramy, expected around twenty people to attend. In the end however only six of them showed up. Obviously Donovan was very disappointed.
      But too be honest, I was not. Because I also experienced the advantages of too high expectations. Because although only six people showed up, they had bought snacks for the expected twenty people. And I was one of the lucky ones who got to get home with the many leftovers.


Baking powder

If Lev sends me a picture he always does that with a very short and straightforward description. He for example once described a picture with a table covered with sugar as “sugar”. And this picture of a collection of fake plastic vegetables he accompanied with the caption: “fake plastic vegetables.” Continue Reading →

Snickers Ice Cream

A friend of mine recently reacted very jealous when I told him I never watched his favorite TV-series House of Cards. “You still have so much to look forward to.” He told me. As if he’d lived a very empty and meaningless life ever since the series ended. Continue Reading →

Curious or Shrewd


In the Photoq Bookshop I came across a book with the title: The Heineken’s Photographic Collection. Does Heineken’s brewery collect photography? I picked up the book expecting yet another predictable line-up of slick international art photography. Continue Reading →

In the name of God


Ketchup, flour, bread, sugar cubes, vinaigrette and pickles. What can you make with all these ingredients? Continue Reading →

One pork chop for half a sausage

When I look at this picture I can’t help but look at the painting on the wall at the other end of the table. A half full glass of water stands next to a bottle where its water seems to be taken out from. Continue Reading →