Unrecognizable failures

According to the sign on this picture, a playground will be built here. For their 40 years anniversary, the port authority of Suriname donated money for a playground “for the benefit of the community of Moengo”. Continue Reading →

Baking powder

If Lev sends me a picture he always does that with a very short and straightforward description. He for example once described a picture with a table covered with sugar as “sugar”. And this picture of a collection of fake plastic vegetables he accompanied with the caption: “fake plastic vegetables.” Continue Reading →


If I had to describe the emotional state of this man, I would say that he is extremely relaxed. And why shouldn’t he? He found a place to sit on Gare du Nord in Paris (which is not an easy feat to accomplish) and the sun is shining on his face. Continue Reading →

Behaved upon

In the film Driving Miss Daisy, the elderly Miss Werthan accidentally drives her Chrysler into the garden of her neighbors. Her son believes she’s too old to drive, but according to Miss Werthan it’s all the car’s fault. Continue Reading →

Something you can rely on

I’ve noticed that a lot of people immediately start to doubt themselves when something goes wrong. Continue Reading →


On this picture you can see Lev Ilizirov attempting to see his own ears. As you can also see, he is not very successful. Continue Reading →