Eight pens

A lot of people make doodles when they’re waiting for something. My father for example is an excellent doodler. He has a notepad next to his phone that he tells me is for writing down appointments. In reality however it’s full of silly drawings. Continue Reading →

Giraffe pancake

Last Christmas when I was having breakfast with two friends of mine, one of my friends asked me in what shape I wanted my pancake. I asked for a giraffe. Continue Reading →

Gagarin 3

Reading Gagarin 1 (http://bit.ly/l5uSkO) I wondered.
Did he really only have space for a few lines and one circle?
Was he not aware of the colors, the order, the shape?┬áMeet my theory. Continue Reading →

Gagarin 1

A drawing made in space. The first art piece, by the first cosmonaut ever: Yuri Gagarin. Exhibited in Moscow till 8 april. Continue Reading →