How do I stop my head?

When I cannot sleep in the night I turn on the radio. I have two options. Internet radio on my laptop at my right ear and a transistor radio next to my bed at my left ear.

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Born to the manor

Miss Mulder has passed away. For years she lived right under me. She stayed on her own, all her life. Every time her legs would slip away under her she let out a yell. Continue Reading →

We all end up in a rolled up newspaper

Just before Christmas my grandfather died. He was 92 years old. Continue Reading →

Death in the lodging house

In 1937 a book was published with the look of a photo novel: Photocrimes.
On every double page you were presented with a criminal case and asked to point out the wrongdoer. A couple of small images, text written under it, that was the only information you got. Continue Reading →


In 1971 a South Vietnamese helicopter was shot down above Laos. On board Larry Burrows, photographer for Life. Not even Eugene Smith managed to catch the desperation on the faces of both aggressors and victims the way Larry Burrows could.
In the crash Burrows burned to death, no remains to be found. 27 years later this Leica was dug up at the crash site. The serial number indicates it belonged to Larry Burrows. That’s what gives classic 35mm camera’s  soul in comparison to the modern digital ones, some manage to survive you.

Photo Ronen Zilberman / AP Photo


My mother next to Charisse on the sofa. Over the last few days she’d sometimes been afraid – she’d been seeing ghosts around her. Continue Reading →