Clever Bridge

Looking for pictures of bridges in the archives of The Tropenmuseum Amsterdam I came across this bamboo construction in Blitar, East Java. The photograph is taken in 1915, during the Dutch colonial ruling of Indonesia. Continue Reading →


Where did I shoot? These photos surprised me. I guess I was just interested in the things that people had thrown away on the left side image, and I was attracted by the posture of the roadblock on the right one. But as I bring them together, there seems to be something else in it. Following the photo information, there are eighteen days in between.

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I always say many places strike me to take photos. Not because of the color match or the symmetry and proportion, but on the basis of psychological criteria, because they embody a value or mood of importance to me.

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My enthusiasm on discovering different kinds of urban life and mentality was growing through visiting my friends’ houses during this holiday. The decoration of Christmas trees, a postcard inserted on the bookshelf, a family photograph on the corner of a room, an unusually fascinating chair… I curiously discovered and described how different cultures can be in small details, and that often made my friends feel surprised.

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