Two weeks ago I rented a car in Suriname for a few days. At first I was a bit anxious, because they drive on the left here and I had never done that before. But in the end it all went fine. If the steering wheel is on the other side of the car, you automatically also drive on the other side of the road. Continue Reading →

Overturned cars

These are the front pages of the Times of Suriname on two consecutive days. Nevertheless they look very alike. That’s of course because of the two similar photographs. Continue Reading →

Who is the boss?

It triggers my imagination to see these two means of transport chained together. ‘Granny aboard’, this text can be read on the rear window of this little white car for handicapped, the Canta LX. There is a yellow lock on the steering wheel of the car. The Honda motorbike  covered in camouflage colors, looks tough.

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Normal life as an act of Rebellion

Ramallah – Imagine all Dutch highways are owned by the Belgians. We – the Dutch – are not allowed to drive there. Of course the Highways need to be protected against us. There are concrete walls on both sides. That is not the only thing. The Belgians start to build Belgian villages inside what they call the Dutch Territories. These Belgian settlements need to be protected against us too. By walls and checkpoints. Continue Reading →

As a beginner

I lacked the energy, bored and uncomfortable in the instructional car increasingly hot plastic interior. Continue Reading →


In 1967, in the Hoepla show for the first time a nude lady on Dutch television. Phil Bloom was her name.
Would anybody ask me: 
‘What were you doing when Phil Bloom appeared naked on television?’ Continue Reading →

Dirty tricks

There is the wedding-picture-trick: the groom seems to carry a miniature bride in his hand, the bride stands in the background on a hill. Continue Reading →

Now I know

I have to confess, at the checkout, where they have all the detergents you need to keep them healthy, I had this thought: should I not better buy artificial ones? Continue Reading →

Gagarin 2

The Dutch Bureau for Statistics (CBS) keeps record of the popularity of car colors in the Netherlands. A lot of work. Of new cars the colors have to be registered and added to the already existing distribution of car colors. Cars taken out of circulation have to be registered, in order to have their colors not taken into account.

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The rear end of the car in the middle is strongly reminiscent of a Mercedes T 300. But the front end is like a Ford Taurus. Continue Reading →

Ah, photography!

In a traffic jam I spend some time behind this truck.
Isn’t that a big truck for such a small roll of metal?

If it’s the last delivery, you’d expect the roll in the back, not at the doors. Or is the credit crisis to blame? The roll is the only cargo this transport company gets to deliver today. Load and leave it at the door, less fuzz to take it out. Shouldn’t the driver close the doors then? You don’t attract business by showing you don’t have business.
The truck started to drive, I changed lane after which the front of the container and the vanishing point of the picture did not match anymore. Ah, photography!


I noticed a car while I was opening the outside door one morning. It looked the same as a car I had seen before. Was it a same one? I quickly shot a photo and went away.

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Six Mercedes 190s, each one the color of cream that has been whipped too long. Are they six different cars? There’s nothing that distinguishes one from the other. The simplest explanation: it’s the car of the photographer, who took a snapshot whenever she got out. Continue Reading →