Or beautiful

This fence can be found in the hills of Corsica. It is made from several suitcases. This picture was made in 2012, but since then only more suitcases have been added. I like that. Often people do something, but only rarely people keep up with something. Continue Reading →

Hairdo’s and – don’ts

Ramallah – The first thing my uncle and aunt do when they go out to eat or sleep in another hotel than their own, is to pay a visit to the toilets. If these are clean then the hygiene in the kitchen is probably okay and so will be the mattresses. Continue Reading →

“Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” (by David Hume)

Last week I visited Charleroi for a couple of days, together with 7 photographers/artists of Föhn kunstenaarscollectief.
If I have to be honest Charleroi isn’t a very pleasant city; it was chosen as butt ugliest city in the whole of Europe.
For a reason, it’s “gris” and dirty, poor and shabby. Continue Reading →

A little bit afraid

A while ago I told a friend that I met a woman in the park. He wanted to know everything about her, but I had a hard time remembering things. Continue Reading →