Holmes and Winogrand

I have a piece of paper with Garry Winogrand quotes. I copied them through the years from various sources. I don’t know what I love more, Winogrand’s lines or his pics. Inseparable of course, like form and content. This is my all time favorite: Continue Reading →


I smelled tears mixed with the tobacco and air-conditioning while I just sat in front of the table after my work. Then I noticed one of my colleagues looked quite tired and serious. Her expressionless feature and unfeeling eyes suggested that it might be something went wrong for her. She was shifting her gaze between the table and the view.

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It seems easy to forget myself when my eyes concentrate on photos. At home, if I stare at a photo and force myself to look at it for twenty minutes, my mind and body will naturally migrate towards a number of other elements, and I might thereby have gained a more accurate sense of how little the place where I sat had the power to influence what traveled through my mind.

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