Unrecognizable failures

According to the sign on this picture, a playground will be built here. For their 40 years anniversary, the port authority of Suriname donated money for a playground “for the benefit of the community of Moengo”. Continue Reading →

Right down to business

A day after my arrival in Suriname I bought a Surinamese phone. I surprised myself with that promptness. When I moved to Belgium last year, it took me two months before I finally got a Belgian number. And when I lived in Paris for 10 months in 2013, I only got a French number after five months. Continue Reading →

My least favourite thing

One of my least favorite things to do in life is to buy toilet paper. Unfortunately it’s also one of the few things that I’m responsible for in my household. Continue Reading →

Feeling welcome

When my girlfriend and me moved into our apartment, the first thing she did was to put photograph on the wall. It was a picture that she once tore out of a magazine and that showed a woman in several yoga positions. Continue Reading →

Baking powder

If Lev sends me a picture he always does that with a very short and straightforward description. He for example once described a picture with a table covered with sugar as “sugar”. And this picture of a collection of fake plastic vegetables he accompanied with the caption: “fake plastic vegetables.” Continue Reading →

Knowing Lev

There are very few certainties in life. Last year I wrote on this website that the only true certainty I found in life is that when you make pancakes, the first one always fails. But recently I came up with a second certainty. And that is that my parents will never ever surprise me. Continue Reading →

A lesson in impoliteness

A year ago, my girlfriend and me were traveling to the suburbs of Paris to buy a pair of second hand Nike Air Max. The woman who was selling them was waiting for us at a certain subway station. Continue Reading →

How to accomplish things

Last year I went wall climbing with my girlfriend. Whereas she had no problem scaling the walls, for me it proved much more difficult. When I was halfway a certain wall and I again found myself completely out of breath, I decided to call it a day. My girlfriend however refused to let me down. Continue Reading →

Getting rid of things

On one hand this car has been parked in an excellent way. I’m familiar with the narrow parking garages in Paris and I know how difficult it is to park your car in between another car and a wall. Especially when your car is a BMW of considerable size. Continue Reading →


If I had to describe the emotional state of this man, I would say that he is extremely relaxed. And why shouldn’t he? He found a place to sit on Gare du Nord in Paris (which is not an easy feat to accomplish) and the sun is shining on his face. Continue Reading →

The sharing economy and Nutella

Since Airbnb start to blossom in the city of Amsterdam, the centre got covered in hordes of tourists. I do not know why but simultaneously the Nutella shops arrived. When I cycle down from my studio to Dam square in a 8 minute ride, I count 7 brand new waffle and ice cream parlors that have buckets full of Nutella chocolate spread in their shop windows. (Find at least three places with jars of  Nutella in this picture of Pasta Plaza) Continue Reading →

Paved ways

The spilled sugar on this table could have been caused by carelessness. By clumsiness. Or maybe just by bad luck. Continue Reading →

When things come to an end

Last year I already wrote about an earlier picture of this same fence in another post: Or Beautiful. I especially was impressed by the fact that the owner of this fence kept adding new suitcases. “Often people do something, but only rarely people keep up with something.” I wrote at the time. Continue Reading →

Energetic people

There are people who cannot sit still. When you leave them alone for a few minutes and you come back, suddenly a lot of things have changed or have happened. Continue Reading →

Snickers Ice Cream

A friend of mine recently reacted very jealous when I told him I never watched his favorite TV-series House of Cards. “You still have so much to look forward to.” He told me. As if he’d lived a very empty and meaningless life ever since the series ended. Continue Reading →

French Holding Techniques

Hundred grams of sourdough or chef or mother … of rye flour arrived in my letterbox the other day. The sourdough is from Devon and 20 years old. Continue Reading →

Worlds I want to live in

At the beginning of the summer two friends of mine gave me a pair of sunglasses for a present. Although I’m very happy with them, I also still have to get used to them. Continue Reading →

Men are from Mars

Regarding the household I do not consider myself as an expert in any field. With the exception of doing the laundry. Continue Reading →


This is one of my two roof terraces. I live in an old warehouse that is beautifully done up by van Stigt architects mid eighties of last century. The inner side of the ware house is removed and turned in all kind of inner courts and roof terraces on different levels. Continue Reading →

Behaved upon

In the film Driving Miss Daisy, the elderly Miss Werthan accidentally drives her Chrysler into the garden of her neighbors. Her son believes she’s too old to drive, but according to Miss Werthan it’s all the car’s fault. Continue Reading →