Posted on February 28, 2011 by Hans Aarsman

The rear end of the car in the middle is strongly reminiscent of a Mercedes T 300. But the front end is like a Ford Taurus. Perhaps it’s a Hyundai, which is a mishmash of everything else. If I could just feel it, I would know in a jiffy. I would happily touch a car under a shroud, but I wouldn’t dare touch women shrouded in a sheet. I once bumped into one in Amsterdam and I almost jumped out of my skin – a ghost on the street. A car under a cover is immobile; a woman under a cover still moves. This woman was begging in Kabul, the caption informs us. The pavement she’s sitting on is spotlessly clean. The posts gleam with ambition. The parking area will be tackled very soon. By then the dustiness in Kabul will be a thing of the past. Then the cars will remove their covers. The woman won’t.

Photo: Teun Voeten / Hollandse Hoogte