Three Diners

Posted on January 31, 2011 by Hans Aarsman

The jury of Kleine Hans. In English: Little Hans. An award for non-pretentious photography. The basic assumption of Kleine Hans is: every still image taken with a camera is a photograph. As common as this may sound, we all know, in the world of photography many photographs are not considered to be photography.
To become a member of the jury, endorsing our basic assumption is not enough. Your Christian name has to be Hans as well. That’s why we all are male and older than fifty. After the sixties parents stopped calling their newborn sons Hans.
Our yearly press release on the winner is not widely quoted by the press. We’re happy with it. We do not want Little Hans to get the media attention World Press and the likes are getting. A non-pretentious award shouldn’t be in the spotlight too much.
The jury meetings are great. Here we just have finished one. We had diner, every Hans brought pictures, books, websites. Candidates were pitched and examined. This time we couldn’t make up our mind. So a second diner will be needed.
As for the award itself. The prize consists of a small trophy with inscription presented the evening we have our final diner, with the winner this time. A trophy costs € 25, a diner € 200. Divided by five, see how easy it comes? Don’t wait till you get an award, grant one yourself!

photo taken by Nam Tin
FLTR Hans Samsom, Hans Wolf, Hans van der Meer, Hans Eijkelboom, Hans Aarsman,