The east cape, South Africa 2017

Posted on April 14, 2017 by André Thijssen

It has been ten years since my Cape Town, South Africa born partner and I travelled South Africa for the last time. Time to go there for another visit.

Actually, we have not been south for many years knowing that the political and economic situation in all those years has not been changed much for the better for the black population but my partner was asked to come over as an expert in the field of sustainability in the fashion industry and I joined her with the intention of collecting new imagery. Our first stop for a week was in King Williamstown in the east cape, about an hour drive north of East London into the Ciskei. KWT is also the birth place of Steve Biko. My expectations were set low since it seemed a small hole in the middle of nothing. We were suppose to stay in a bed and breakfast but instead our bedroom was arranged at the neighbour of my partner’s employer having her to financially profit of the situation of us being there. Our hostess was a very sweet lady and the place turned out to be a great opportunity to experience local life right where it was lived, surrounded by the kindest people possible. I soon noticed that I was the only white person in the wider area and therefor a rarity for the friendly locals.


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