An empty toolbox

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Feiko Beckers

When I’m building something in my studio I’m always a bit careless with my tools. Whenever I’m done with a particular tool, I leave it on the floor next to me. Only seldom do I put the tools back where they belong. I have a toolbox, but you’ll find that it’s usually empty.
      That’s why I never can find anything in my studio. When I try to figure out how long it will take me build something I always take into consideration that I will spend half of my time searching for my tools.

That’s also why I’m always jealous of people who do know how to work meticulous and efficient. Like the gardeners on this picture for example who are making an elaborately shaped flowerbed.
      First of all take a look at how they’ve carefully laid out the shape of the flowerbed with bamboo sticks and twine. And how they collected all of their tools in the wheelbarrow. And what to think of the tarp that they use to collect the earth on? These gardeners are so meticulous that they don’t even want to soil a park road.
      But the pièce de résistance of meticulousness so you will is the gardener in the middle. To answer his phone he had to take of his right glove. But where did he leave that glove? Did he recklessly throw it on the ground? Did he fondle it into one of his pockets? No. Instead he carefully put it upside down on one of the bamboo sticks in front of him.

Photo: Lev Ilizirov

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