What to do when you lack certain skills

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Feiko Beckers

The man on this picture uses his right hand to feed his child, while he uses his left hand to steer a boat.
      This man is multitasking. And he does an excellent job at it. Because if you look closely you can see that he only uses his middle finger to control the boat. That may seem a bit irresponsible, but I was there when Lev took this picture and the boat was going very slowly. Slowly enough for Lev to take this picture.
      It’s because of people like this man that we admire multitasking. Because for a lot of people steering a boat or feeding a child can already be quite difficult. So when people manage to do them at the same time, we’re very much impressed.

This admiration for multitasking can be exploited by people who lack certain skills. Because people are so much impressed with multitasking that it often doesn’t matter how the separate tasks are actually being performed. You can do two things very poorly, but if you do them at the same time, you can actually get away with it.
      I’m for example not a very good cook, while I also lack any cleaning-skills. So if I make a lasagna it will probably not be very tasty and if I clean the bathroom I will surely do an awful job. But when I make sure that I do those things at the same time, I will be the source of much admiration.

Photo: Lev Ilizirov

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