A small request

Posted on May 13, 2016 by Feiko Beckers

On this picture you can see Francois Abionie, a young filmmaker and photographer from Moengo, shooting a scene from his film Life in Moengo; A Teenage Pregnancy. I helped him with a bit of color correction and I’ve therefor watched the film numerous times.
      The first few times I found it difficult to follow the story. Not because the film is primarily spoken in Aucan or because the plot is very complicated, but because I had a hard time recognizing some of the female protagonists. Because in almost every scene they wear their hair in a completely different way.
      The three young women on this picture for example can be seen in the film with at least four different hairstyles. In the film they can go from straight hair to braids, then to dreads and then back to straight hair in a mere ten minutes.

Not only in the film that caused confusion. Also in real life. Because also in real life the women of Moengo continuously change their hairstyle. I once introduced myself to the same woman three times in one week, because every time her hairstyle was different.
      That’s why I would like to ask the women of Moengo if they could stick with the same hairdo for the next five weeks until I go back to Brussels. It will save us all a lot of confusion and above all a lot of embarrassment.

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