Not to be a nuisance

Posted on May 5, 2016 by Feiko Beckers

When you want to build a house on the same lot of land as your old home, you could of course demolish that home. But where then do you live in the meantime? Building a house can sometimes take years in Suriname. What you can also do is build the new house next to the old house. But what if your lot of land is not large enough? What do you do then?
      The answer to that question can be seen on this picture. Because this new church is being built around the old wooden church. And it’s not until the new church is ready, that they will demolish the old one and remove it through the front door, piece by piece.
      The deacon of the church told me they started building the new church three years ago, but that they’ve always continued holding services.

Last week I met a young soldier who is building a new home around his father’s old home. He told me that another great advantage of this way of building is that all your belongings can stay in the same place and that it also ensures that your new home will always be bigger than your old one. But most important for him is that he can do everything on his own, familiar yard.
      “I don’t want to be a nuisance to others.” He told me.
      And that’s what really convinced me. Because recently I decided what I want written on my headstone when I die: “Here lies Feiko Beckers. He didn’t bother anyone.”

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