Posted on April 13, 2016 by Feiko Beckers

When I looked out from the window of the airplane when we were flying over Suriname, all I saw was forest. As if the whole country was covered with a thick, green blanket. If I had to associate Suriname with a color, it would have to be green, I immediately concluded.
      But when I arrived in Moengo, I changed my mind. Because in Moengo the most prevalent color is orange. The earth here, especially after it has rained, has a very bright orange color.

If I had to choose a sound for Moengo I would choose the song Work by Rihanna. I could also have chosen the frogs that keep you from sleeping at night or the banabeki birds with their melodic singing, but in the end I choose for Rihanna.
      Because Work you can hear almost continuously in Moengo. It blasts from houses, from passing cars and kids are listening to it on their blackberries. And in the supermarket you can hear people humming the song.
      That was also the case in Ricanau Mofo, a small village north of Moengo, where I give drawing classes to kids. During the entire class a group of girls were singing the song enthusiastically.
      I didn’t mind that at all. Although unfortunately that enthusiasm was far greater than the enthusiasm with which they were making their drawings.

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