“Fa Aigo”

Posted on April 23, 2016 by Feiko Beckers

Since arriving in Moengo, I’ve met complete strangers on the street who knew my name. “Feiko!” They shouted at me while I was passing by on my bike. I was very surprised about that. Moengo may be a very small city and I may be the only white person here, but I did not expect for so many people to know my name that fast.
      Later I found out that people were actually saying “Fa Aigo”, that sounds very similar to my name. It means “How are you?” in the Aukan language. So instead of calling my name, these people were simply asking me how I was doing.

At first I thought this confusion was very funny. And so did the people in Suriname who I told this story.
      But later I felt uneasy. Because I realized that I had left all these questions about my well-being unanswered. And most importantly, I never asked them the same. Instead I just raised my hand with a surprised look on my face.
      And that doesn’t make a good first impression. There must be at least a dozen people in Moengo who must think I’m a very impolite man.

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