Pictures in toilets

Posted on March 26, 2015 by Feiko Beckers

One of my favorite pictures of me as a child, is a picture of me and my brother. It was taken in 1986, just after a day in the zoo. We are clearly a bit exhausted. Maybe it’s because of that exhaustion, but we both look very cute.
      To show you that picture, I will have to take you to my father’s toilet. Because there it can be found. For the last 25 years. If my father ever gives me that picture, I first will have it thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning company.
      The fact that the picture hangs in the toilet never really bothered me. Until recently. Because recently my father started painting. And although he’s still a beginner, his paintings all immediately found their way to the most prominent places in his house. In fact, when you enter my father’s house, the first thing you see is one of these paintings. But if you want to see the picture of my brother and me, you first have to have a bowel movement.

Will one of the pictures that these parents are taking of their children, also one day be hanging in a toilet? Probably not. Chances are these pictures will never even be printed. Maybe they will serve as the background picture on the parents’ smartphone for a while. Until they make a better and more recent picture of their child. Then the picture will be moved to a folder called “Photo’s 2015” And there it will stay. Probably forever.
      I have to admit that seen in that light, my father’s toilet isn’t such a bad place after all.

Photo: Lev Ilizirov

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