Rips & Tears

Posted on June 8, 2011 by Claudia Sola

Rips and tears come in all sizes.
I take a photo every time I discover one in a painting.
Every rip and tear joins my RIP Photo Collection,
which also contains photo’s of paintings with a part taken out.
Taken out by someone other than the artist.
Like a canvas I found hanging on a church wall in Mexico.
A four-sided shape had been cut out of a large 17th century painting.
I thought it was beautiful.
My traveling friend disagreed and said the church had to discard it right away.
Yesterday I came across someone in Amsterdam who shares that opinion.
A torn painting on a garbage stand.
Does a rip destroy a painting’s beauty and value?
Mexico 2001 – Amsterdam 2011. My belief is the same.
Where there is no canvas fantasy paints from imagination.


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