Gagarin 2

Posted on May 14, 2011 by Hans Aarsman

The Dutch Bureau for Statistics (CBS) keeps record of the popularity of car colors in the Netherlands. A lot of work. Of new cars the colors have to be registered and added to the already existing distribution of car colors. Cars taken out of circulation have to be registered, in order to have their colors not taken into account.

At the moment most cars in Dutch traffic are grey. To be exact: 28%.
Only 4% is painted white, we’re happy to say. Otherwise there wouldn’t have been much of a painting, white paint on a white canvas doesn’t show.
Besides grey, other favored colors are blue 22%, black 17%, red 13% and green 11%.  That distribution matches miraculously the presence of colors in this accidental car painting, taking into account statistical standard deviation.

CBS may skip the meticulous counting of car colors.
Just paint this wall white on January 1, take a photograph on December 31 and  the color distribution of that year is recorded.
By the way, doesn’t this painting resemble the one Gagarin made in space? Without the sun that is. That’s even a bigger miracle.
See for Gagarin 1:

Photo made by Bob Bronshoff

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