Posted on October 10, 2010 by Wei Na

I noticed a car while I was opening the outside door one morning. It looked the same as a car I had seen before. Was it a same one? I quickly shot a photo and went away.

I’m searching for some photos in my computer now. Suddenly I noticed there are three photos about a car. Seeing them carefully, it is a same car. Did I already record a history about it? I have no memory when I shot the first image. Following the information of the photo record, it happened one month ago. The second one, I shot it a week ago, it looked separate from the complicated environment around it. But now looking at them together, they are surprised me. Maybe the car’s owner can never know someone already saved his work during the time.

It seems impossible to get this small history if I start thinking about it. There is no special light, no beautiful color and no meaning on it. It was just a simple car in front of our building. I just shot it without any thoughts in my mind. But now it seems becoming something else, something that we cannot plan or imagine, only can see and go through it during the time.

We might often overlook certain things because nothing has ever prompted us to conceive of them as worthy of appreciation. Perhaps making and seeing photos could be an effective and easy way to change our ingrained patterns of thinking. The camera can help us to see, to notice rather than to look. Just clicking the button, the camera will get things back and let us to see things more clearly.

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