Month 7

This is my first visit to VanDenAkker.
A mom and pop business where in the meantime Continue Reading →

Socks need love too

You’re folding freshly washed laundry. A joyous occasion until you encounter: Continue Reading →

What’s in a name

How many people having your name do you meet in a lifetime?
Your first name. Your last name. Both? Continue Reading →


I’m strolling through the friendly countryside and just when
I think I’ve seen it all, tadaaa. Continue Reading →

The High Striker

The sentence So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, Continue Reading →

King of the ship

There she is. The AIDA Luna. A sphinx class cruise ship of 252 meter long, bringing 2.100passengers and 607 crew Continue Reading →


The last couple of months I find all kinds of missing posters.
On trees, lanterns and traffic lights. Lost keys, ca Continue Reading →

Sometimes the possibilities are just limitless

It started with a tent. One of the boys’ fathers put it up.
Such a nice way to give your kid a camping experience I Continue Reading →

Here’s looking at you kid

A built-in camera is among many useful functions of my telephone.
It is said that this built-in camera allows one to quickly take snapshots of an important event. Such as an opening at an art gallery. With Continue Reading →

Daffy Duck

Typically a bird who watched too much tv. Continue Reading →

Ernesto Guevara Lynch

Ernesto Guevara Lynch looks through the window to frivolities across the street.
What I know of El Che or just Continue Reading →

Puzzling universe (1)

The sun shines low on the Camargue plain
and the wind whistles by like a runaway train. Continue Reading →

Blue Beret

The temperature dropped to frigid chill.
Winter had not forgotten the Netherlands. Continue Reading →

Himmelhoch jauchzend, zu Tode betrübt

I follow a steep uphill track alongside a stream.
Here and there the stream turns into a sparkling waterfall. Continue Reading →

They call him Flipper

Flipper was a male dolphin.
Smart, ever so kind and gentle. Continue Reading →