Tile Tax

These days there  seem to be a higher degree of biodiversity in the city than in rural areas. The bee population in the city is in good shape. There are grants for façade gardens. People throw seed bombs in the verges along the highway. Flat roofs are planted with mosses and succulents.

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The sharing economy and Nutella

Since Airbnb start to blossom in the city of Amsterdam, the centre got covered in hordes of tourists. I do not know why but simultaneously the Nutella shops arrived. When I cycle down from my studio to Dam square in a 8 minute ride, I count 7 brand new waffle and ice cream parlors that have buckets full of Nutella chocolate spread in their shop windows. (Find at least three places with jars of  Nutella in this picture of Pasta Plaza) Continue Reading →

French Holding Techniques

Hundred grams of sourdough or chef or mother … of rye flour arrived in my letterbox the other day. The sourdough is from Devon and 20 years old. Continue Reading →

Men are from Mars

Regarding the household I do not consider myself as an expert in any field. With the exception of doing the laundry. Continue Reading →


This is one of my two roof terraces. I live in an old warehouse that is beautifully done up by van Stigt architects mid eighties of last century. The inner side of the ware house is removed and turned in all kind of inner courts and roof terraces on different levels. Continue Reading →

Proletarian Shopping

You have to fix your bicycle with a heavy lock on a bridge or another solid obstacle to prevent it from getting nicked. That does not mean people do not go ‘proletarian shopping’ on your bike.  Continue Reading →

Who is the boss?

It triggers my imagination to see these two means of transport chained together. ‘Granny aboard’, this text can be read on the rear window of this little white car for handicapped, the Canta LX. There is a yellow lock on the steering wheel of the car. The Honda motorbike  covered in camouflage colors, looks tough.

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Do not jump into the canal

Now most houseboats got connected to the sewer in recent years, the water is considered to be clean enough for swimming. Continue Reading →

How do I stop my head?

When I cannot sleep in the night I turn on the radio. I have two options. Internet radio on my laptop at my right ear and a transistor radio next to my bed at my left ear.

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A model family

Emptying my parents house after my dad’s death we divided the family albums amongst the three of us. What struck me was that each album had a picture of the Dutch Royal Family on the front cover. Continue Reading →

Climate Change

When you enter the glasshouse in the botanical gardens in Amsterdam, you find these switches right at the entrance.   Continue Reading →


Ramallah – At least three people took the same picture simultaneously. It is Fida with her iphone who asked the girls to pose for her. We stole her moment, Khaldun, the architect left of her and me. Continue Reading →

It is just a joke

Ramallah – Seeing things for what they are, but what do we see here? ‘It is just a joke’, the architects with whom I make a photo walk in Ramallah tell me.

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Hairdo’s and – don’ts

Ramallah – The first thing my uncle and aunt do when they go out to eat or sleep in another hotel than their own, is to pay a visit to the toilets. If these are clean then the hygiene in the kitchen is probably okay and so will be the mattresses. Continue Reading →

Made in China

Ramallah – How to reserve the parking space in front of your shop? This is one way to do that. Moreover it is a great opportunity to show your merchandise. Continue Reading →

Normal life as an act of Rebellion

Ramallah – Imagine all Dutch highways are owned by the Belgians. We – the Dutch – are not allowed to drive there. Of course the Highways need to be protected against us. There are concrete walls on both sides. That is not the only thing. The Belgians start to build Belgian villages inside what they call the Dutch Territories. These Belgian settlements need to be protected against us too. By walls and checkpoints. Continue Reading →