Everybody should have one

I’m glad to be back, though I’m busy as a bee.

I just had to write about this pleasantly portrayed man I found at a little shop in Rotterdam.
He’s still there, in a frame, for someone else to pick up, to be put up on a wall and to be looked at, maybe even admired. Continue Reading →

I think he’s dead now

Whilst visiting the thrift-store in Rotterdam something caught my eye.
It was small, odd, strange.
Why? Why put it up there? Continue Reading →

There is a tear in his eye

Surrounded by cats, I can’t help but write about a cat.

He wears a nice little red collar with a bell that rings. Telling the birds he is on his way. That’s what cats do: eat birds, and when they live on Paros (the same island I live on at the moment) they sometimes eat small lizards and dragonflies too. Continue Reading →

Sad puppy eyes in a jiffy

When in need of a warm hug, soothing words or just some attention it can be helpful to put up your best puppy eyes.
Continue Reading →

There is something in front of your lens in sign language.

Sorry for my absence.
When winter comes everything slows down a bit in my world. I don’t know if it has got something to do with physics. Particles move a lot slower when it’s cold outside, if it’s cold enough they come to a halt. Continue Reading →

Autumn and Meneer de Uil

Family-weekend, autumn, moorland, the forest, mushrooms and me.
I got on my knees and fiddled a bit with the aperture and the focus to get a nice picture of a couple of mushrooms, fly agaric fungi to be more specific. Continue Reading →

The little tree that could

Internal dialogue from a neat little tree a couple of decades ago:

‘Why the big sigh?’ Continue Reading →

Pink Panther

Meet the Pink Panther.
Objectively it is a somewhat pale pink and fluffy stuffed animal.
In the world of Donnies (my world) it’s a bright and friendly Pink Panther. Continue Reading →

“Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” (by David Hume)

Last week I visited Charleroi for a couple of days, together with 7 photographers/artists of Föhn kunstenaarscollectief.
If I have to be honest Charleroi isn’t a very pleasant city; it was chosen as butt ugliest city in the whole of Europe.
For a reason, it’s “gris” and dirty, poor and shabby. Continue Reading →

Shit art

Last week I received an e-mail from my father.
The subject: shit-art.
The message: During my daily walk I noticed this extraordinary mark on
the pavement. It’s from a heron that took a shit and tried to make a
self-portrait. Regards, your father.
The picture: (see attached picture). Continue Reading →


I visited Edie Peters from photoq a couple of years ago, Hans Aarsman suggested I should write columns for photoq on a regular base.
The only thing I had to do, was to write three columns in advance to
have some kind of continuity. Continue Reading →